• neurons Published in: 7 November 2014 Parkinson’s stem cell ‘breakthrough’

    They said their study on rats heralded a “huge breakthrough” towards developing effective treatments. There is no cure for the disease, but medication and brain stimulation can alleviate symptoms. Parkinson’s UK said there were many questions still to be answered before human trials could proceed. The disease is caused by the loss of nerve cells […]

  • 04WATER-tmagArticle Published in: 31 October 2014 A Heart Risk in Drinking Water

    Ana Navas-Acien can’t quite recall the moment when she began to worry about arsenic in drinking water and its potential role in heart disease. Perhaps it was when she read a study suggesting a link among people in Bangladesh. And a similar study in Taiwan. And in Chile. Several years ago, Dr. Navas-Acien, an associate […]

  • _78586741_186672796 Published in: 30 October 2014 High milk diet ‘may not cut risk of bone fractures’

    Drinking lots of milk may not lower the risk of fracturing bones, a study in the British Medical Journal suggests. The research, conducted in Sweden, showed women who drank more than three glasses a day were actually more likely to break bones than those who had less. The researchers cautioned that their work only suggested […]

  • 141023183511-craig-spencer-facebook---read-notes-story-body Published in: 24 October 2014 From Guinea to the U.S.: Timeline of first Ebola patient in New York City

    A doctor who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola — the first case of the deadly virus in New York City and the fourth diagnosed in the United States. Here is a timeline of Craig Spencer’s movements since he got back from the West African nation: When did he return from Guinea? […]

  • _78493523_transmedics Published in: 24 October 2014 Surgeons transplant heart that had stopped beating

    Surgeons in Australia say they have performed the first heart transplant using a “dead heart”. Donor hearts from adults usually come from people who are confirmed as brain dead but with a heart still beating. A team at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney revived and then transplanted hearts that had stopped beating for up to […]

  • _78472013_children_dusk_playing Published in: 23 October 2014 Later sunsets ‘increase children’s activity levels’

    Moving the clocks forward by one extra hour all year in the UK could lead to children getting more exercise every day, say researchers. Their study of 23,000 children found that daily activity levels were 15% to 20% higher on summer days than winter days. The UK research team said increasing waking daylight hours would […]

  • _77408890_bloodbag Published in: 23 October 2014 Ebola blood-therapy team set up

    An international team of scientists has been set up to determine the effectiveness of using the blood of Ebola survivors as a treatment. It is hoped the antibodies used by the immune system to fight Ebola can be transferred from a survivor to a patient. The study will start in Guinea and is led by […]

  • Senegalese WHO doctor with Ebola arrives for treatment in Germany Published in: 27 August 2014 Senegalese WHO doctor with Ebola arrives for treatment in Germany

    A Senegalese doctor who contracted Ebola while working for the World Health Organisation (WHO)in Sierra Leone arrived in Hamburg on Wednesday for treatment at a tropical medicine unit, becoming Germany’s first patient with the disease. At a news conference on Wednesday the clinic’s tropical medicine specialist said the man would not be given new experimental […]

  • Heinz recalls four batches of infant food in China Published in: 19 August 2014 Heinz recalls four batches of infant food in China

    Ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co has recalled some infant food in eastern China after it was found to contain lead in excess of the allowable limit, the company said on Monday. The move by Heinz comes after food safety regulators in eastern Zhejiang province said on Friday that they had found “excessive amounts of lead” […]

  • Liberia fights Ebola in capital, West Africa toll tops 1,200 Published in: 19 August 2014 Liberia fights Ebola in capital, West Africa toll tops 1,200

    Liberia battled on Tuesday to halt the spread of the Ebola disease in its crowded, run-down oceanside capital Monrovia, recording the most new deaths as fatalities from the world’s worst outbreak of the deadly virus rose above 1,200. The epidemic of the hemorrhagic disease, which can kill up to 90 percent of those it infects, […]

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